Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is General Construction Los Angeles?
A. General Construction Los Angeles is a full service construction and remodeling firm, specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, rooms addition and solar panels installation.

Q. What experience do you have in your field?
A. At General Construction Los Angeles our strength derives from our people. With vast accumulated expertise, and guided by the company’s mission and values, our people break new ground to reach the most professional and cost effective solutions for your construction and remodeling needs. Our goal is to be the very best at what we do, combining commitment and service guarantee.

Q. What makes you so special compared to other remodeling services?
A. In short – reliability, expertise and knowledge. This winning combination enables us to provide exclusive and unique levels of service, surpassing the ordinary standards of service. When you work with General Construction Los Angeles’ team you can rest assured that you get something truly special.

Q. How can your remodeling services help me?
A. Our remodeling services are based on a broad perspective that enables us to analyze your needs and objectives, reaching the most cost effective solutions in terms of planning, used products and work quality. Our remodeling consulting services produce the most beneficial decisions, at the most affordable prices, delivering the best possible return on investment.

Q. Is it true that the remodeling projects are stressful?
A. Kitchens and bathrooms are keyspaces in every home. Since during the remodeling process they can’t be accessed, it may cause inconvenience. The best way to deal with this temporary inconvenience and release stress is to set realistic project-schedule expectations and end projects on time. Also, the project will include proper pre-planned alternatives for cooking and bath.

Q. Do you handle the entire remodeling project?
A. We handle the entire kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, including electricity, plumbing, carpentry and installation. We also offer a large selection of high quality products to choose from, creating a one-stop shop for all your remodeling needs – countertops, flooring, fixtures, lighting, and cabinetry. Our countertop products vary from a very basic laminate to more customized laminate, to Solid Surface (like a Corian), andto granite or ceramic tile. The flooring can be vinyl, laminate, tile, wood, or some of the more unique products such as Marmoleum or cork.

Q. How long a remodeling project takes?
A. The length of time for full completion depends on how complicated the project is, how quick the decisions are made, the manufacturing lead-time of products, unplanned changes to the initial design, and any other “surprises” that pop-up found during the construction phase. If we break down the project into phases it will help to better determine the time a project takes.

Q. What are the main phases of a remodeling project?
A. There are several main phases. The Design Phase, also known as the planning phase, is the time it takes your interior designer to determine what the new space will look like. The average time for this phase is four weeks, for the more significant remodeling projects. The Contract Phase is the time it takes from the contract signing until the actual construction starts. During this phase the materials are ordered, the subcontractors are hired, and a construction schedule is determined. This phase will last from two weeks to ten weeks depending on the type of materials ordered. The Construction Phase is the time it takes until the actual installation work is completed. This is when your existing kitchen or bath is being torn apart and when the new items are being installed. This phase will last anywhere from two weeks to eight weeks depending on the complexity of the project. Your project will be substantially complete at this point and will be in usable condition.The final phase is called the Wrap-Up. As your project nears substantial completion, your Project Manager will draw up a final punch list of any touch-up items left to be completed on your contract. Your Project Manager will provide a final timeline for finishing these items and arrange for all necessary work and final inspections as needed.As you can see, because we offer so many remodeling options, timelines for your project from beginning of design to completion can vary. If your project is to have a major remodeling component, then you’ll need to plan ahead.

Q. How soon can you start my project?
A. Once the contract is signed, we schedule our technicians to start working and we place the orders for all the materials. The lead-time is typically based on the cabinetry or plumbing order interval since that takes the longest.

Q. Do you provide financing?
A. Yes we do. Please see the two financing options on our Financing page.

Q. What could delay my project?
A. Delays, unfortunately, do happen. The original schedule of the project is a planning tool that may change due to issues that arise during the remodeling job. Causes of the delay could be a longer lead time from the cabinet manufacturer due to a busy season, special order items such as non-stock sinks, correction of water damage behind the walls that was not foreseen, removal of pipes from old gas lines or plumbing lines that were hidden within the walls, damaged merchandise, or changes to the original design.

Q. What is a change order?
A. It is a change to the contractual agreement for your project. For instance, you may want to add some additional lighting or electrical work, or you determine that you want DreamMaker to paint the walls, which you thought you were able to do yourself. Another type of change order may arise because of unforeseen “surprises” found in the construction phase such as the water damage behind the walls that must be repaired, or plumbing pipes that need to be rerouted. All changes to the project must be discussed with the Project Manager since many times a change order will add to the installation time of your project. The Project Manager will ask you to sign a form that will let you know how much the change will add or subtract from your project and any schedule changes.

Q. How do the installers get access to my house?
A. A lock boxthat contains a key to your home is typically put on your door. Since there may be several different contractors working on your home, it is the easiest way to allow them unlimited access without having to stay home and miss work days to let them in.

Q. What should I do if I have questions about products or services?
A. We’d be happy to answer your questions. Please email or call us and one of our senior representatives will be happy to answer all your questions.