Remodeling Process

The General Construction Los Angeles process is based on our core promise of value, design, and respect. We believe that value goes far beyond numbers, designs should be tailored to your life, and in respect for you and your home. These ideas guide our remodel process and build a relationship that creates clients for life.

Don’t hesitate to contact General Construction Los Angeles to set up an initial consultation if you’re thinking about doing a remodel or addition. It’s free, and we come straight to your home to discuss concrete ideas about converting your space.

The General Construction Los Angeles Home Remodeling Process:

Phase 1: Free Consultation. General Construction Los Angeles certified designer comes to your home to see the space and discuss your ideas and goals. You get to know us better and we outline what you can expect if you decide to move forward with the project through General Construction Los Angeles.

Phase 2: Preliminary Design. You meet with a project manager to outline a preliminary budget and project timeline, and to discuss design concepts, styles, and options. We also check on any zoning or HOA restrictions and draw initial plans for the project.

Phase 3: Detail planning. The project details are refined as you regularly meet with your project manager to hone the design and select materials. We draw up detailed plans, create a project flowchart, and finalize our contract.

Phase 4: Construction. Your ideas are brought to reality as we obtain the necessary permits, do a final walk through of the existing space, and begin construction. A pre-construction meeting to finalize details is followed by weekly meetings with your project manager to ensure that construction stays on-task with the project flowchart.

For smaller remodeling and home improvement projects, we may be able to follow a 3-step process instead of the longer four step process. Our remodeling process is customized to your project, just as our designs are customized to your needs and life.